Edvance offers specialized tutoring services with a smile! We believe JOY to be our most important core value. We weave joy and engagement into every element of our sessions. We believe that when our students are feeling joyful we can begin to unlock what is happening with their learning. The latest neuroscience research suggests that “when the joy stops, learning often stops too.”

Edvance’s program depends on you! Edvance performs intake assessments to see where your child is currently functioning in reading, writing and math. Based on the assessment, an education plan is made to fit your specific child. In schools, there is a one size fits all curriculum approach, where there is only one way to teach reading writing or math. At Edvance we select specific curriculums that we believe to best match your child’s learning style and personality. It is amazing to see the results once students are matched with programs that embrace who they are as an individual!

As we work with your child, we make sure they have strong foundational skills necessary to make further growth. As we work on skills, we identify and target skills for growth. We then track them with ongoing assessments and chart results! When students can physically see their growth, that is where the confidence comes in! There is nothing better than watching our student’s confidence grow as they witness their progress!

Recently, Edvance has researched the most engaging, effective, and result driven sites on the internet to improve the engagement of our virtual services. We are so happy to say that have received amazing feedback based on our virtual lessons! We have found that students are asking for specific games or sites that they found to be fun, little did they know they were working on one of their targeted skills! We have found that when done right, virtual learning can be just as effective as in-person sessions. Reach out to learn more!

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