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About Carly Ridloff
Founder of Edvance

Carly Ridloff founder of Edvance

Carly Ridloff – B.A. in Psychology and an MS in General and Special Education. Carly has worked with students, parents and teachers at a high performing charter school network for the past 12 years. She also has worked with students and families privately doing various assessments and creating learning plans that are tailored to individual needs.  Carly is trained in Fundations- Wilson Reading Program, Sounds in Motion, Reading and Writing Workshop, Stern Math Program, TERC- Investigations, and Cognitive Guided Instruction to name a few.  This knowledge base allows Carly to incorporate elements from a variety of curriculums and approaches to create learning plans to meet the specific needs of her students. Recently, Carly has met with other Learning Specialists to find the most effective online learning tools. Together they have found the most engaging, effective and results driven sights that she has now incorporated into her sessions. Carly strongly believes that joy, engagement, and high expectations are the roots to optimal learning.  Carly’s passion combined with her knowledge base of education and child development allow her students to thrive.

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About Shyanne Valentine

Shyanne Valentine graduated from Clark Atlanta University with BA in English Literature and MSW. After finishing her master’s degree, she traveled the world for four years teaching children in both China and Kuwait. She has since returned to Connecticut to build on her career as an educator, curriculum developer and family counselor.

About Heather Kaplan

Heather Kaplan works with Edvance

Heather Kaplan- B.A. in Elementary Education and MS in Special Education. Heather has worked with students and families collaboratively at two high performing Charter Schools for the past 8 years. She believes in meeting the needs of all children utilizing excitement and engagement. Heather’s love for working with students and her knowledge across all content areas allows those she educates to be successful.

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